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My services

Creation of high-quality English or German texts

No matter whether it’s advertising slogans or scientific papers, I’ll find the right words for you – persuasive, precise, authentic. The way only a native speaker can!

Writing copy that more or less works is not difficult. But good copy? That’s something else and requires a particular grasp of the language. Writing is not a craft but a feeling – a feel for the language and for what you are trying to express. It’s all about finding the words to convey the message in such a way as to inform and inspire. Texts that “pretty much fit” might even bore readers and could lead to misunderstandings. My texts, on the other hand, will hit the mark. In keeping with the motto “words are the most powerful drug known to mankind”,* I can assure you, mine are truly addictive!

* Rudyard Kipling (1865 – 1936), British writer and poet.

Translations from German to English and English to German

Whether you need English to German or German to English, I’ll provide you with high-quality translations that are precise, harmonious, and not actually recognisable translations ‒ with the cross-cultural competence of a person who has two mother tongues and speaks both languages equally fluently.

Word-for-word translations will never be able to perfectly transfer the desired message of an (advertising) text from one language to the other. In fact, such translations can often lead to unwanted misinterpretation. Creative translations that are individually adapted to local needs are much better suited to communicating the desired message to your target audience.
My creative adaptations will always transfer the characteristic style of a text to the target language, and I’ll make sure to take into consideration any hidden connotations, puns, double entendres and other linguistic subtleties.

Needless to say, I’d also be very happy to translate “dry” texts for you – financial statements, operation manuals, survey reports and the like are also an integral part of my translation repertoire.

For translations and language services in other languages, please contact my partner agency CL-Communication.

Proofreading and editing German texts

Proofreading entails checking a text for linguistic errors. When proofreading a text, I’ll correct spelling and grammar mistakes and, where necessary, provide alternatives for specific words or phrases. If the text that is being proofread is a translation, I will also pay special attention to possible translation errors.

Copy-editing takes my services a step further than mere proofreading, as I will focus not only on the language itself but also on the content of the text. This is where things like company names, source data and e-mail addresses are checked; and I also make suggestions to improve coherency, sentence structure, use of country-specific idioms, jargon and style.

About me

Thanks to my dual German/English family background, I can call the two cultures an integral part of my identity – which is why I’m perfectly familiar with the cultural and linguistic nuances of both German and English. This enables me to understand the source and the target language – including any linguistic complexities – the way only a native speaker can.

My knowledge of the international advertising business is based on well-founded academic study as well as on many years of professional experience in the industry, which I gained working for various advertising agencies and in the marketing departments of international companies. I have now been working as a freelance translator and copywriter specialising in advertising copy for more than 15 years.

As I spent a large part of my life living in a number of different countries (including Germany, Ireland, Pakistan, Turkey, England, the Netherlands, and the Philippines) and was pretty much embedded in the respective cultures, I can safely say that international and intercultural thinking has also become an integral part of me. I am therefore able to perceive specific intercultural aspects of language and to incorporate these in the texts I write.


For more than 15 years I have been providing my services as a German copywriter, translator and proofreader to many satisfied customers at home and abroad. Here is an excerpt from my list of clients (in brackets: accounts).

Schaller Unit Drei GmbH (BASF / John Deere)
Meis Design GmbH & Co. KG (eON)
Flügel & Winkler GmbH (Kimberly-Clark Professional)
Büro 61 GmbH (Vodafone)
Goergen Kommunikation GmbH (DHL)
Bayer CropScience AG
Park Plaza Germany Holdings GmbH
Althoff Hotel Collection
Cohausz & Florack Patent- und Rechtsanwälte

Should this list not entirely convince you, please feel free to contact me directly. I’ll be happy to provide you with a reference list tailored to your specific needs.


Prices for all translation, proofreading, and copywriting services are based on my hourly rate of EUR 75.00 (excl. VAT).

All orders are checked beforehand, after which I provide you with a binding cost estimate.

I charge no additional fees for assignments with rapid turnaround or those that require weekend work.


Do you want to reach German-language audiences through stylistically confident German texts? Are you looking for more than a simple English-to-German or German-to-English translation? Do you require persuasive copy that is adapted to German-language markets? In that case you should get in touch with me:

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